Transportation Network Company Partners

An independent contractor generally provides a service for a company, sets his or her own hours, works out of his or her own office, home or vehicle, does not receive employment benefits from the employer, is paid according to the terms of the contract, and does not receive additional compensation for overtime hours worked. 

Independent contractors are liable for paying all payroll taxes to Federal, State, and Local Governments. All independent contractors residing in Virginia Beach who commonly engage in business are subject to a business license tax. ​ An employee, on the other hand, is generally subject to the business's instruction about when, where, and how to work. 

The company normally withholds income taxes, social security, and Medicare taxes, and pays unemployment taxes, social security, and Medicare taxes to the government depending on wages paid to an employee.

TNC Partners are considered independent contractors of the TNC companies they drive for and must visit the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office for determination of a business license liability. Failure to comply will result in a summons to appear. For more information please read about obtaining a business license.​​​​